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When your life becomes about more than just you

In today’s world, your life is full of more responsibilities and more choices to make, as well as more opportunities and more dreams to fulfil. From helping you manage the unexpected surprises life can throw your way to nurturing the prosperity of your family and planning for the future, Primehillcorp is designed to help you thrive, all for no monthly fee.

Your day-to-day banking

Enjoy access to products designed for you.

  • Primehillcorp Account
  • Credit Cards
  • Regular Savings Account

Guidance for today and tomorrow

Financial expertise for you and your family.

  • Relationship Management
  • Financial Advice
  • World Selection ISA

Your home and family

Enjoy benefits that extend to your family and home.

  • Mortgages Service
  • Children's Accounts
  • Primehillcorp Global Safety Net

Travelling and banking worldwide

Helping you thrive around the world.

  • Worldwide Travel Insurance
  • Moving Overseas
  • Global View and Transfers